Rape Culture And Toxic Masculinity Essay

Rape Culture And Toxic Masculinity Essay

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We chose to analyze a Bud Light beer bottle slogan, “the perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night,” and the ad campaign for “#UpForWhatever.” The first impression we got from the slogan was a connotation of rape. The ad does not only promotes victim blaming, but it also promotes a risky lifestyle of doing stupid things and drinking in general. Bud Light pulled the slogan because it enraged customers and non-customers alike. The slogan itself perpetuates rape culture and toxic masculinity which are detrimental to the progress of society as a whole. The fact that the slogan was considered acceptable from the Bud Light company shows that the company was not being careful because easily without seeing the ad, the slogan can easily be read as a highly offensive slogan which can normalize the excuse of sexual assault.
Bud Light’s target market are men in their twenties to sixties. In this class we have discussed the dangers of complying into rape culture and toxic masculinity. Although there isn’t any people on the beer bottle, the viewer has to keep in mind Bud Light’s target market. Most rape and sexual assaults are committed by men and a slogan like this may be seen as acceptable. Often, one of the excuses of rape and sexual assault was the women cannot or didn’t say no because she was scared for her life or incapacitated. Also, alcohol in general is used to blame the victim how the assault happened in the first place.
Many of the people in their target market may be trying to fit in or look cool. This can contribute to toxic masculinity in many ways. The most obvious way has to do with toxic masculinity and alcohol. Masculinity is a very fragile concept “those men who feel a greater need to prove their masc...

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...n are problematic to society. The slogan itself went through the hands of at least five people before it was put onto bottles. It can be assumed that most of these people were men. It would be hard for a woman to support a slogan that has such a strong suggestion of rape and sexual assault. The ad is not funny, and it is very harmful to the progress women are trying to make in their effort to put an end to rape culture. Victim blaming, using alcohol as an excuse, toxic masculinity, and much more are all a part of rape culture. Bud Light’s ad only perpetuates these ideas and allows people to believe that these things are simply a part of life and not a problem that needs to be addressed. The ad has since been pulled from the beer bottles, but the damage has already been done, pictures of the bottle are all the internet, and it is something that needs to be addressed.

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