Essay on Rape Culture And Its Effects On College Campuses

Essay on Rape Culture And Its Effects On College Campuses

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“Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted” (“Statistics”). With the prevalence of rape in this country, one must suspect that there is something more to the frequency rape than the rapist himself. Of course, individuals need to be held responsible for their actions--especially when those actions include the despicable crime of sexual assault--however these individuals are not all shady characters hanging out in alleys waiting for a victim: they are seemingly normal citizens who are a byproduct of society’s acceptance and normalization of rape. Rape culture is ubiquitous in American society today, and needs to be addressed. Rape culture is a real problem in society that needs to be recognized, is problematic on college campuses, and is perpetuated through the media.
In order to recognize the prevalent problem of rape culture, it first needs to be defined. The definition of rape culture is, “an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture” (“Resources”). With that definition in mind, rape culture can be seen in many facets of society. One large contributor to the pervasiveness of rape culture that needs to be recognized is the act of victim blaming. Victim blaming is the act of holding the victim of sexual assault at fault for the abuse rather than the offender. Southern Connecticut University’s resource page for sexual violence suggests that one reason people blame victims is to distance themselves from the possibility of experiencing rape themselves (“Rape”). With the want to feel comfortable and safe, people will often differentiate themselves from a victim of sexual assault by making it appear like the victi...

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... be recognized, is a major problem on college campuses, and is sustained by the media. The existence of rape culture is often doubted and dismissed by those who don’t see the normalization of sexual assault in society as a threat. However, rape culture can be readily seen in day to day life and indeed lacks proper recognition. The ever-persistent phenomenon of rape culture is prevalent enough on college campuses to even attract the attention of the president himself and is constantly seen being perpetuated by pop culture and the news. Rape culture has been too-long ignored by the public and needs to be addressed in its entirety. If people want to feel safe in their own schools, workplaces, and towns, work needs to be done to combat the problem of rape culture starting with changing one’s own views on victims, what it means to be a man, and the definition of rape.

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