Rape And The Justice System Essay

Rape And The Justice System Essay

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Rape is a crime that most offenders get away with way too often. Impunity, or exemption from punishment is a common thing when it comes to this violation. Why? Is it because the victim would feel guilty about ruining their rapists life? Does the victim feel like they deserved to be raped? Does the rapist feel like the victim asked for it, or had it coming? Does the rapist feel like their social status would keep the court from finding them guilty? Is this the way that the victim avoids the chances of being called a whore or a tramp? Maybe the rapist’s friends got away with a similar crime, giving the rapist a glimmer of hope. I feel like all of these scenarios could be reasonable answers, depending on the situation.

Jon Krakauer’s book, Missoula Rape and the Justice System in a College Town, gives a lot of information on this topic. Missoula gives specific examples of all of these reason that answer why rapists often get away with rape. In the author’s note of Missoula, Krakauer explains that “Quantifying the prevalence of sexual assault is a highly speculative exercise because at least 80 percent of those who are assaulted don’t report the crime to authorities”(xiv). At least 80 percent of rapes go unreported. This means that 80 percent of the world’s rapists are getting away with their crime. There are tons of reasons why most victims don’t report their rapists. Maybe they weren’t aware that it was rape. Maybe they are afraid for their safety. Being sexually assaulted is extremely traumatizing. And if a victim reports the crime, they are basically being forced to relive as well as retell the whole thing over again.

Some victims will fail to report the crime simply because of what society has planted in their heads. Teenage g...

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...ng the incident would change both of their lives forever. Maybe the victim is afraid that people won’t believe them, or that they will be called names. Sexual assault needs to be reported more. How does one sleep at night knowing that the same person who raped them could still be out there taking advantage of other people. Things like that could be prevented if there were actual consequences. It shouldn’t matter if the victim was dressed a little immodestly. The status, skin color, or career of a person should not decide how their case is handled. A victim of sexual assault should never have to feel guilty about the tragedy that happened to them. The guilt should belong to the person who decided to turn another person into an object and take advantage of them. The only way to stop people from raping other people is to give them consequences for raping other people.

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