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Rap Frog By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The short story of “Hop-Frog” by Edgar Allan Poe is about a crippled jester, Hop-Frog, and his friend, Trippetta, who were captured from their homeland and were delivered to suffer at the hands of a king and his seven ministers. They were abducted and sent to the king for his entertainment. However, the king and his seven ministers enjoyed making practical jokes of the crippled jester. Hop-Frog experiences injustice from the King severely and tolerates it to the point in which he cannot anymore. After years of bearing the brunt of the king 's mocking sense of humor, Hop-Frog was pushed past his limits when Trippetta was insulted by the king in front of him. Due to the King 's extreme abuse, Hop-Frog undergoes trauma and seeks revenge. As a result, he planned to kill the king and his seven ministers to gain the revenge. By reading the story of "Hop-Frog" through psychoanalysis, readers can gain an understanding of what motivates people to commit murder and how trauma and mental health play a role in the act of murder/violence.
Edgar Allan Poe is no stranger to trauma or mental health issues. In his life, he experienced a lot of trauma and this is demonstrated in the topics he writes about. In 19th century, he was one of the most famous American poets, who was best known for his dark, gruesome depictions of emotionally haunted characters. His story of “Hop-Frog” is not as popular as his other writing of “The Cask of Amontillado,” but this writing also deserves attention. To understand what motivated him to write about psychoanalysis theory, we must learn about the man behind the pen. Not surprisingly, Poe had a difficult upbringing, fraught with illness, loss, and poverty. After his born his father abandoned and the following year ...

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...ek his or her revenge. In their article, “Vertical individualism and injustice: The self-restorative function of revenge,” Agnes Zdaniuk, and Ramona D. Bobocel states, “…revenge is quite personal and usually enacted by the victim or by someone close to the victim” (Zdaniuk, Bobocel 641). Also, in “Hop-Frog,” Poe shows the same that revenge was performed by the victim who had experienced injustices several times. However, Poe’s story addressed little differentiation in where he showed the reader that the recipient of the revenge was helping the avenger without knowing avenger’s plan. Overall, by reading “Hop-Frog” through psychoanalysis theory, we can conclude that Poe provides information for his readers to gain knowledge about it that people might not hesitate to commit murder in order to get their revenge because people lose their mental balance in such situations.

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