Ramp Is A Non Profit Organization That Empowers Individuals With Disabilities And Promotes Independent Living

Ramp Is A Non Profit Organization That Empowers Individuals With Disabilities And Promotes Independent Living

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RAMP is a non-profit organization that empowers individuals with disabilities and promotes independent living. For the past 3 years Honononegah Community High School has partnered with the youth educational portion of RAMP to provide 9th-12th grade students with a program titled “Teens in Transition” (T’NT). RAMP (2013) states, “T’NT is a Common Core aligned curriculum designed to positively impact students with high incidence disabilities to become prepared young adults.” This curriculum is designed to be taught once a week over a 16 week period. Hononegah Community High School has elected to have the course taught every other week for 32 weeks. The weeks that a T’NT lesson is not being used, classroom teachers review the previous week’s information and teach a corresponding lesson. The T’NT program focuses on providing students information on life after high school. School staff along with community partners present on various topics such as: career exploration, post-secondary education, employment, housing, and insurance. The purpose of this is to “ “ ( ) http://rampcil.org/youth-education-programs/ This curriculum review focuses on the content of the current 2013 edition of the T’NT teachers manual and then compares it to that of the 2011 T’NT teachers manual.
Similarities and differences of the curricula
To start with, I reviewed the 2011 and 2013 curriculum syllabuses. While most of the lessons, or as they call them sessions, remain the same a few of the sessions changed orders. For instance, in the 2011 edition Post-Secondary Education was the topic for week/session 10. However, in the most current 2013 edition of T’NT Post-Secondary Education has been moved up to week/session 3....

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...11 and 2013 T’NT curriculum it is recommended that student workbooks can also be used as another way to evaluate students and collect data.
Would you use the text or materials?
During my school counselor internship I have been able to work first hand with the T’NT program, the RAMP staff, and high school instructors. This curriculum is a wonderful way to introduce teenage students to life after high school. It is clearly laid out in a professional, workable, and presentable manner. Teens in Transition provides teenage students with high functioning disabilities with valuable information on educational opportunities, employment information, budgets, and independent living. I would recommend this program to any school district looking to empower their teenage students with high functioning physical or mental disabilities and prepare them for post-school activities.

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