Raising Pets Can Be Considerate Essay

Raising Pets Can Be Considerate Essay

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Simin Ling
Professor Taylor Harrison
Rhetoric 105
23 April 2016
Raising pets helps kids to be considerate
Have you ever had a pet? As we know, more and more families have pets in their homes nowadays regardless of which country. Data showed an estimated 82.5 million U.S. households own at least one pet in their home. The American Pet Products Association, which is also called APPA, claimed that pet ownership by household in the U.S. has risen from just 56% in 1988, when the first APPA National Pet Owners Survey was conducted, to 68% as of 2013-2014. And the number of pet ownerships is going up even more rapidly in recent years. Research shows full-year sales for famous pet store like PetSmart and PetMed Express have jumped 106% and 116%, respectively, over the past decade.
The huge amount of pet ownerships makes me wonder why lots of people have the habit of raising pet? Beyond just ownership, however, study showed that there is a genuine transformation over the years of pets transcending a boundary of being a companion to actually becoming a part of a household 's family. According to the article These Statistics Demonstrate the Staggering and Undeniable Power of Pets, pet owners consider raising pets as an investment in love for the long term. As a matter of fact, people are willing to treat their pets as a part of their family. Based on a Harris Interactive poll conducted in 2012 that surveyed more than 2,600 adults online, 91% of respondents affirmed that their pet was a part of their family. This was up three percentage points from the 88% registered in 2007. If kids watch parents treating pets as part of the family, they will be influenced and will have the habit of owning pets when they grow up.
Evidence suggests t...

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...’s development. “Loneliness is very dangerous to children,” Weil says. “Having an animal companion can make them feel a part of something.” The presence of an animal can significantly increase positive social behaviors among children with an autism spectrum disorder (O’Haire, 2013) No matter what the original intention parents have in their minds, kids always get to learn something useful from the relationship between them and pets. “Children often learn something more fundamental about themselves and the world: how to empathize with others, how to understand subtle feelings, and how to look at the world from a vastly different perspective.” written by Alex Lieber in the article A Living Education: Five Things Pets Teach Children. Lieber mentioned that raising pets teaches children about communication, empathy, nurturing skills, confidence, and resilience to change.

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