Raising Minimum Wage in SeaTac Airport Essay

Raising Minimum Wage in SeaTac Airport Essay

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Most airport workers at SeaTac airport 2013 hold multiple jobs and work thirty hours for $45,000 annually. This is only common because airport workers in other airports roughly earn at least $60,000 for the same amount of work. Many workers are struggling to the day where they can actually have extra money after all the things that need to be paid off. The underlying causes of raising the minimum wage at SeaTac airport are dissatisfaction, jealousy and most importantly, fear.
First of all, one of the causes of raising the minimum wage in SeaTac is dissatisfaction. Seattle has approved by 77 votes for $15 an hour. “That’s a message that people think the $15 minimum wage is fair and what you need to survive”(Gebreselassie, 2013).Workers in Seattle are not happy because they barely have enough to pay bills for everything they need to survive. Not only are they dissatisfied about that, they also feel low of themselves and upset because of that sadness that they work very hard, but don’t get enough to take proper care of themselves. “See those little slaves running around out there? That’s us” (Aukusitino, 2013). The employees feel like servants as they carry around heavy things or pushing someone around all day. They feel bad about themselves because they think low about themselves and they are not happy. “Tyree Johnson, 45, stood outside a McDonald’s restaurant in downtown Chicago with a sign that read: We are worth more” (McClatchy-Tribune News Service, 2013). Dissatisfaction of work and current wage is not the only cause of raising the minimum wage at SeaTac Airport.
Secondly, another cause of raising the minimum wage is jealousy. Many airport workers at SeaTac find that they earn a low wage compared to many other airports’ ...

... middle of paper ...

...uld like to raise their wage, vote yes so that those employees will have enough to survive and so that this problem doesn’t keep occurring because it shouldn’t need to.

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