Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking Essay

Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking Essay

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Raising awareness about human trafficking to try and prevent more people from being abducted has become increasingly popular. Organizations, such as Stop the Traffik, are solely focused on raising awareness about human trafficking as well as teaching communities about how it can be prevented (Aronowitz, 2013). These organizations create campaigns to inform the individuals about how to identify a trafficker. Also, the campaigns against human trafficking discuss how traffickers lie to victims to get them to come with them, mainly by seducing them. By teaching people to be aware of the signs of a perpetrator and how to respond when you are caught in this situation, more humans are being able to avoid being pulled into human trafficking. Aronowitz (2013) emphasizes the importance of aiming the campaigns at only a target group of people. However, only aiming campaigns at certain people leaves the rest in the dark and unknowledgeable about human trafficking and what it entitles. Overall, the prevention and raising awareness that is taking place is beginning to inform people, small groups at a time.
Another way of raising awareness about human trafficking is through beginning new programs in lesser communities that may not gain the knowledge about human trafficking without it. The United States Congress (2012) places emphasis on educating the common man about how to avoid being pulled into the modern day slavery, assessed to reach over 31,000 families. The US Congress also addresses how the funding for programs to inform families about human trafficking is very rare, so individual interventions are a more probable response to try and reform communities. By taking the individual approach, people are reached and talked to on a more perso...

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