Raising An Aggressive Child Is A Challenging Task Essays

Raising An Aggressive Child Is A Challenging Task Essays

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My action will consist of why raising an aggressive child is a challenging task. Raising an aggressive child will involve patience, understanding, and will power. I will be providing example on how aggressive children act so that way there will be a clear understanding of aggression and the ways children show their aggression and what are some of the triggers that gets children to be aggressive.
The issues with raising an aggressive shows how violent and depressed the child is. The article "Aggression in Children Can Mean Problems Later" shows what kind of situations can happen by having an aggressive child. This issue is significant because there are so many children and parents dealing with aggression in today 's society. And not only is the child and parents our involved but other children and adult will also end up involved with an aggressive child. Brandon Holman states "Aggressiveness in the children included not only getting into fights but also belittling or being hostile to other children, their families, teachers or schoolmates"(1988).
The first source, “Parents’ Assessment of Parent-child Interaction Interventions,” experiments with families that has an aggressive child. The purpose of this experiment is to examine both the parents and the child to see where the cause of the aggression is coming from. An assessment is provided to the whole family to help aid into the root cause of the aggressive child. using the theory interaction intervention for both parent and child has shown a tremendous growth " As research in the field of child development has grown, the proliferation of parent-child and family interventions have reflected our increased understanding of the critical and determinative nature of par...

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...he mind. This approach will address the problem because the parents are able to ask questions and check on the progress of each session with the therapist. The child 's improvement at home and in school. Having teachers talk to parents about the child 's improvement and what is still hindering the child. This approach draws from the cognitive perspective. providing the cause of why an aggressive child is aggressive. The cognitive perspective will focus on the child 's thought process.
Like the first recommendation, this one would also take measures to meet ethical standards. "Psychologists ' assessments, recommendations, reports, and psychological diagnostic or evaluative statements are based on information and techniques (including personal interviews of the individual when appropriate) sufficient to provide appropriate substantiation for their findings" (apa,1992).

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