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Raising A Girl And Raising Child Essays

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Raising a Girl and Raising a Boy
Every child is different. Raising two children, a boy and a girl, it is the ultimate challenge. Parents do not get a handbook on raising children or what to expect when bringing them up. They do not get a list of the differences between a girl and boy, or what similarities they can expect between the two. Parents also can not assume after having one they have become and expert for the next child. While raising a girl and boy, there is the discipline, potty training, and nutrition. These are good areas to start in how they can be tricky.
When raising a girl, discipline is more of a struggle. Almost every situation turns into more than it needs to. Girls are extremely dramatic, and a simple tantrum lasts for several minutes. A simple “No” to a girl is the end of the world. Hearing that word is apparently the most painful thing. Things become repetitive when disciplining, as if every thing the first time mentioned just flew right by. Any bad habit becomes routine, and it visits many times before the actual disciplining becomes effective.
Potty trainin...

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