Raising A Four Day School Week Essay

Raising A Four Day School Week Essay

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Having a four-day school week is an ambitious proposal intended to help students work load. Those in favor of this shift believe that it will allow for more study time, and more time to go over the lessons for the week. Truthfully it will just add time onto the eight-hour school day a student already endures. As much as officials want to believe that a four-day week would provide more time to focus on the lesson it would only make students more exhausted. Kathleen Kingsbury reveals that “Parents also worry their children won’t have the time – or the energy – for after-school activities.” (3). Shortening the school week will not only add at least one hour to the typical school day, but also shorten breaks, and elective times, because of the lost day students will spend more time in a classroom, and less time doing equally important school activities such as band, physical education, computer skills, and many more that already don’t have priority over other subjects. Kingsbury quotes the National School Board Association federal-affairs director Marc Egan, who claims that “Some people caution an eight-hour day is already tough for younger kids” (3). By taking away a day of instruction, and thus lengthening the time a student spends in school there is the potential to make students more exhausted than they would be with a day of instruction. To shorten a school week to four days would not help students work load, but instead make it worse by keeping students in classrooms longer, and denying them chances to blow off steam in electives, and breaks.
School officials and students can agree that Fridays are a more laid back day to be used for school spirit, and less conventional ways of learning. Most officials and some students agree...

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...d save some money for select schools it usually isn’t the life-saving amount the school needs. Hedberg and Nordin quote high school principal Renee Parker who reports “It saved probably $25,000 to $30,000, but not enough to justify losing a morning of instruction . . . It didn’t do anything to help academics.” (2). By cutting a day they are saving some money, but ultimately officials would be taking away a day of learning that would benefit students. The schools that benefit from this new schedule are also a very specific type pf school. Michael Jenkinson quotes Meadowbrook school principal Jim Weed, who clarifies that “Most of the savings come from reduced busing, but we’re not a bused school.” (2). The four-day week might be beneficial in a rural setting, but in most urban schools it will simply hinder a student’s academic success by removing a day of instruction.

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