Essay on Raising A Child With Mental Illness

Essay on Raising A Child With Mental Illness

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Imagine you are married with children; your child has been acting different lately, so you take them to the doctor. Once there you find out that they have a mental illness. What do you do? Over the years, it has been estimated that around twenty percent of children worldwide are suffering from a form of mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Anxiety Disorders. Ultimately, parents of these children end up struggling with their own psychological, emotional, social, and economic challenges while providing for their child with the mental illness. Raising a child with mental illness can be a challenge, but through increased knowledge and adjusted attitudes parents can be more prepared.
Parents of children with mental illness face many struggles. It may be that they do not have enough information about what their child is going through. They also may not know how to give their child the correct support to help them manage their illness. Sometimes this comes from parents not asking enough questions or any questions at all to their child’s physician. Some parents do not understand what they are being told at first and forget to ask about the simple things about what can bring this on, and how can we treat it? In addition, parents sometimes forget to ask about ways in which they can help support their child, as well as asking about programs that can encourage them. Even though parents have to learn how to navigate this difficult path along with the child, and when the child is younger acting as a guide. The navigation becomes more difficult for the parents when they as more or maybe less than the child does about what is going on with them. Most often a child with mental challenges requires more support, mo...

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...t you never realized was there before.
Raising a child with mental illness comes with its own struggles and challenges, but being there to support your child through everything they are going through can make things all that much better for them. Being there to notice the changes in them, and make sure they have the help they need to become the successful person you always hoped for. Imagine again your child has a mental illness, you have supported them in their entire life, encouraged them to go for their goals even when sometimes they have to change the goal to get there. You are sitting watching that child walk across that stage getting their diploma. Smiling broadly you know that you helped them get there, that they are going to be a great person despite what they struggle with everyday because they have you to support them and be there when they need a hand.  

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