Rainforest Action Network : Environmentalism With Teeth Essay

Rainforest Action Network : Environmentalism With Teeth Essay

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Rainforest Action Network

“Environmentalism with Teeth”
The non-governmental environmental group Rainforest Action Network, also known as R.A.N., is an organization that fiercely helps the planet overcome its issues from climate change to saving the rainforests through some non-violent strategies, education, and grassroots organizing. R.A.N. mainly campaigns for preserving the rainforests, protecting the climate, and protecting human rights. Although this may seem like any other environmental group, uniquely we undertake big corporations, global institutions, and banks in order to acquire what the planet deserves. We like to work directly with local leaders to create strategic campaigns, some include: direct communication and public awareness movements, peaceful direct protests, coordinated media and social media campaigns, grassroots organizing, and sophisticated negotiations (including records to make sure promises are kept). We don’t mean to change the mindset and behaviors of these corporations, we only want to change their practices and how they handle business. This actually works for us!
R.A.N. has been running since 1985 and has been one of the most successful and ground-breaking activist organizations in the United States. Rainforest Action Network is based in San Francisco, California, and was founded by Randy "Hurricane" Hayes and Mike Roselle in 1985. Our first successful triumph was when we first gained national fame with a grassroots organizing campaign that lead to persuading Burger King to cancel $35 million worth of destructive Central American rainforest beef contracts. When working with the local leaders, our mission is to put forth pressure and take out actionable procedures from corporate offenders, li...

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...ins, stopping many fossil fuel industry developments, including the Keystone XL pipelines. Also big banks like Bank of America and Morgan Stanley have made strong commitments to steer clear from coal mining.
We have many plans to initiate against other companies as well. Many campaigns will focus on:
• Keep it in the Ground: Pushing President Obama to end oil, coal and gas leasing on public lands.
• Banks and climate
• Change the Course: Crowd sourcing a vision of a climate-stable 2050, and brainstorming the path to get there.


Rainforest Action is a non-governmental environmental group that ferociously helps the planet overcome its issues from climate change to saving the rainforests through some non-violent strategies, education, and grassroots organizing. R.A.N. mainly campaigns for preserving the rainforests, protecting the climate, and protecting

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