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The opinions and values about the devastation of our natural rain forests vary between each individual. The amount of thought processes and the amount of work needed is, honestly, unbelievable. But, it is not the decision that the younger generation has to make. It is up to those older, more responsible, and actually in that field of study. However, it does not stop this generation from expressing their opinions about the destruction of the rainforests. Some people wonder if the destruction of these rainforests should be prohibited. Well, the answer is definitely a yes. According to a lot of sources, the destruction of the natural rainforest is very bad indeed. Why, they ask? Well there are quite a few reasons why. There are many man made reasons for the depletion.
Logging is an important factor in which some do not take too kindly. Logging companies’ main expertise is cutting down tress. They cut down the selected trees that are mature enough for their timber. They use these for paper products or housing projects. When logging companies cut these trees they cause more damage than they want to admit. The felled trees fall, causing damages as it comes down. It also creates a hole in the top canopy, which takes hundreds of years to regenerate (WWF). According to the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO),”Logging roads are used by landless farmers to gain access to rainforest areas.” Also by (ITTO),”For this reason, commercial logging is considered by many to be the biggest single agent of tropical deforestation.” Along with loggers cutting down trees, the heavy machines and vehicles are also dangerous to the forests. First, the fumes that escape from the machines poison the trees, next, the machiner...

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