Railroads Crossing Dangers Essay

Railroads Crossing Dangers Essay

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The railroad crossing at the block of 900 Eureka Street continually has an issue of overgrown vegetation posing a consequential danger. This specific crossing has proven to be a perilous crossing. June 5, 2008 a catastrophic fatality transpired. In 2008, the crossing had no gates or lights yet displayed only cross buck signs with a stop sign. The track possesses a hazardous curve upon approaching the crossing. Proper vegetation maintenance is vital for the safety of City employees crossing this track to arrive at the water wastewater plant. Consequently, a lack of maintenance and oversight of vegetation growing around the railroad tracks, a young man lost his life. Furthermore, lives were forever changed. Operation Lifesaver, Inc. points out, “ABOUT EVERY 3 HOURS, A PERSON OR VEHICLE IS HIT BY A TRAIN." These statistics emphasize the importance of proper maintenance at regulation lengths of sight lines.
Although a gate with flashing lights was installed as a safety precaution, there are no guarantees that the gate and lights will not fall victim of mechanical failure. Therefore, the maintenance of vegetation is crucial for visual protection from another casualty occurring at this precise crossing. Meanwhile, with a false sense of security of warning devices positioned, a hike and bike trail was installed along this track line to enhance the community. Even though the concept of the hike and bike trail improves vigor within the community, in contrast it adds to the potential risks of public pedestrians crossing this track. Not to mention, unattended children riding their bikes along the trail. This hike and bike trail increases potential dangers to the pedestrians, because a vast majority will be using iPod's to listen to music...

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...izations and instilled in future generations to come.

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