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Rage Against the Vending Machine Essay

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While the snacks available in school vending machines may be rich in flavor, they also are rich in fats and calories. Regulation of competitive foods in schools around the globe continues to be a highly contested debate. With an endless amount of information to consider, solutions to implementing healthier foods in school vending machines and lunch lines vary enormously. Analyzing multiple studies worldwide, discussing the issue from multiple perspectives, and examining the demographics of those impacted by food showcase the importance of nutrition in schools. By providing several studies with different ways to implement healthier foods into schools, one may view the issue with a broader scope.
To properly discuss the impact of unhealthy snacks provided in schools, one must observe what the advocating and opposing parties argue. By listening to both perspectives, one may approach the issue clearer and without bias. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for updating nutritional standards of all foods offered in schools. With this responsibility on the agency’s shoulders, Americans wish to have their opinions heard by those deciding how to approach the issue of nutrition in schools. As the USDA proposed a plan to update the nutritional requirements of vending machine items and school lunches, Americans took action and responded in dramatic fashion. Accepting feedback from the American people, the USDA received 250,000 comments concerning their proposal to update nutritional standards. Among the 250,000 comments sent to the USDA, some stated high school students should not be allowed access to caffeinated or sugary beverages on campus to suggesting that schools drop vending machines altogether (Shah). Th...

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