Essay about Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

Essay about Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

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Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

When the music group Radiohead first burst on to the music scene seven years ago, it became immediately evident through information means such as music articles, album covers, and an extensive website, that this particular band was not just another long-haired, head-bobbing grunge group only out to sell as many albums as they could. This band had a much greater mission than that. It was to inform as many people as they could of their political, social and economic convictions through their personal website. While dozens of other websites have cropped up about Radiohead, this website remains uniquely their own because of its direct listing name and multi-faceted page within a page of personal comentaries, many written in a barely legible free-hand style, of such issues as upcoming protest rallies, animal testing, predictions on Middle East genocides, wrongful government spending, and barely sqeezed in daily journal entries on their current music progress. With Radiohead's political accusations constantly being updated in oversized bold print, their political cartoons of talking teddy bears appearing on a vast amount of web pages, and an often rushed-looking hand-written on their musical progress, it becomes evident that this website was created more as a world news commentary than a self-indulgent display case of itself.

Rather than waste any more space presenting every issue mentioned within the website, I chose one issue dealing with two themes that I felt would create the greatest concern to Americans both politically and economically. Prior to my download of the current web page titled, "US", I must admit having no awareness of Bill Clinton's plan to cancel a $5.7 billion debt owed ...

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...r Blair will revoke his taxation. All will have been done in vain and this is not a risk I would be willing to take, either to support or attend, from this event.

Naturally, other issues come into play outside of the one mentioned above. I have read an opinion, not a fact, from one person, whom I do not know and have never heard of. His debt figures are curious to me in how he configured them. I would want to delve deeper and find the sourse of his research, not just to varify if his debt calculations are accurate but also, and more importantly, to see if this problem is indeed as bad as he states. Is the UK taxing what they need to stay afloat and how poor are these "poor countries" Buxton refers to. There are far too many pending circumstances for any one person, without proof, to invoke me in a project as vast and dangerous as this this one might turn out to be.

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