Radio Stations And Learning Information About The Station Essay

Radio Stations And Learning Information About The Station Essay

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Getting to go to one of my favorite radio stations and learning information about the station and how it operates was an amazing opportunity. When I went to Blake FM, I was surprised that it was a part of five other companies in the same building. There were new things that I learned about the radio industry, this group of radio stations, and about a man who has been in the radio industry for many years. In addition, I learned about the structure of the stations and the things that relate with their target audience. I was also given the opportunity to do something that I was not expecting: watch Bryon Maddox, a program director for Blake FM, do a live newscast that went on the radio station WLBC. These experiences impacted the experience that I had at the radio station and I am glad that I got to go to the radio station of my choice.
Blake FM is a part of a company called Woof Boom. This corporation has owned the station for the past two to three years. When they bought the station, Woof Boom was undergoing some major changes. The previous owner was based out of Florida and now the new owner is out of Indianapolis who believes that radio stations should be locally controlled. Jay Chapman owns Woof Boom and with that there is WLBC, Blake FM, WERK, MAX Classic Rock, WXFM 1340 (Sports stations), and WHBU 1240. 1240 is the second oldest commercial radio station in the state. The hierarchy for the group of station starts with the owner, Jay Chapman, and then he has some partners that are considered owners. Next, is the operations manager, Steve Lindell. Then comes the program directors for all of the different stations, including Bryon Maddox, who programs Blake, Steve Lindell programs WLBC, Jay Garrison on WMXQ MAX, Steve Brown known...

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...that after being in the market for only two years, they are already having tremendous success. Along with this, the word about Blake is starting to spread further around the state of Indiana. For example, they have better ratings in Indianapolis, Marion, Muncie, and are even picking up listeners in New Castle. They are making tremendous progress as they continue to grow and gain word-of-mouth advertisement.
While Blake wants to get as many listeners as they can, they have a specific target audience of women, ages 18-25. I noticed this when I was listening to the station and a commercial said “Ladies make sure you set the preset in your man’s truck to BlakeFM. ” They also gain older listeners. Bryon Maddox said that his personal target audience is males and females that ranging from ages 25-35. The station seems to be doing a stronger job in getting female listeners

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