Radio Shack's Termination of Employees Essay

Radio Shack's Termination of Employees Essay

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Radio Shack
As the economy continues to be unstable companies, large and small, are making decisions to reduce their workforce. This is a daunting task that has to be handled delicately. When companies begin the process of reduction, even if the staff is aware, the communication must be honest, open and appropriate. If a company is a large retailer there is more at stake than just the current financial situation. The employees can become customers and advocates for the business. They can also become the customers of the competitors and communicate to others the bad experience. In 2006 Radio Shack was on a turnaround plan (O’Rourke, 2010). This plan included a reduction of workforce of about 400 employees. Employees were aware this was the plane, but were taken by surprise that when the “pink slip” came through as an email. Most employees received this at the same time and were given a limited amount of time to gather their belongings and say goodbye. This action caused a backlash of publicity. For Radio Shack to continue and regain trust of the employees and public they will need immediate training in communication standards to further avoid any other incidents. Secondly, they must reach out the employees that received the email and lastly work on a new mission statement and culture to match with where the company is heading.
Communication training
Understanding the audience is a very important piece to communication (O’Rourke, 2010). For Radio Shack to change perspectives of the current employees and public, and to avoid further incidents, the leadership team needs to complete communication training. When a company has made a decision that could impact current and future employees they must focus on how to n...

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... because the this decision by communication training for remaining leadership, reaching out to the employees that were terminated and changing the culture an mission statement during a time of transition. By attempting to complete these tasks Radio Shack has a possibility of continued growth after transition and the possibility of not losing the successful employees they still have.

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