Radio Is Becoming More Prolific Essay

Radio Is Becoming More Prolific Essay

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Like all media, radio is rapidly changing. In fact, Lacey (2013) states that “Radio is arguably becoming more prolific, more fragmented, more manipulable, more mobile, and more global”. This is evidenced by the fact that radio distribution has become more pervasive, production technology has dramatically changed and the consumption habits of listeners have become diverse. There are several reasons as to why these changes are happening and a prime example of this change in radio is Mediaworks multi-platform morning news and current affairs show, Paul Henry.

On Tuesday 7th of April 2015, Mediaworks launched their first ‘multi-platform’ breakfast show Paul Henry (“Paul Henry reveals”, 2015). With Henry at the helm of the show, viewers could also tune in to watch Hilary Barry read the morning 's news, Jim Kayes reading the morning 's sports news and Perlina Lau present the most recent trends in social media (Casserly, 2015). Fourteen months on, the show continues to grow and change. Lau and Barry have since left the show to pursue other opportunities and have been replaced by Ingrid Hipkiss as the show’s newsreader and Verity Johnson as the show’s social media ‘expert’ (“TV3 names two people”, 2016). The massive differences in the way this show has been distributed, produced and consumed is a key example of how radio is changing.

In terms of distribution, analogue radio was originally the only way that radio was distributed. Analogue or non-digital radio involves just a transmitter, a carrier frequency and a receiver. Here, “radio waves are sent from a transmitter to radio receivers using allotted frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum” (Chignell, 2009, p1). In other words, speech from a person talking in a studio is turned i...

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...sician to come to New Zealand then “exclusive interviews would go to shows like Paul Henry” (“Mediaworks starts singing”, 2015). The idea of “spreadable media” (Jenkins) comes into play here as organisations are producing other kinds of participation.

As demonstrated by Mediaworks multi-platform morning news and current affairs show Paul Henry, radio is rapidly changing. The needs of radio stations to push the personality brand, the challengers to the radio environment mean that distribution has changed to become more pervasive now radio is available on several different platforms, the production technology has dramatically changed as the elements needed to put together a radio show are increasingly developing, and people 's consumption habits have become more diverse as people now consume their radio on different devices as well as in different social situations.

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