Radical Activists Should Change This Dynamic And Build Electoral Alternatives

Radical Activists Should Change This Dynamic And Build Electoral Alternatives

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Regardless of what transpires over the next year and a half, either a Democrat, or a Republican will be elected US President in 2016. As Lenard Cohen once sang, "everybody knows."

Without question, the American Left 's electoral impotency is abundantly clear during election season. To be brutally honest, it 's pathetic, as my leftist friends write article after article denouncing progressive campaigns but offering no alternatives, and nothing new, only vague and regurgitated rhetoric.

Of course, radical activists should aim to change this dynamic and build electoral alternatives, but leftists often shun the electoral process, or cynically encourage voters to cast protest ballots, further destroying the Left 's already limited credibility.

In short, no one pays attention to the Left, and that 's not a good thing, for the US is currently experiencing an upsurge in right-wing populism, a deadly ideology, with a deadly history. As economic, social and environmental conditions deteriorate, right-wing movements and ideologies will become increasingly attractive, unless, of course, there are left-wing alternatives.

One of the biggest problems is the fact that the American Left views movement building and elections as two separate political projects. This sort of thinking is prevalent among leftists living and organizing in the US. But it 's a false dichotomy. In my view, movements and elections should be two components of the same project, at least for the time being. Of course, the goal should be to eventually create a society in which political decisions are made in a different fashion. For the time being, however, that 's not the case.

What Left?

As it currently stands, the Left does 't have a viable electoral alternative, let a...

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...sm isn 't a laughing matter.

Moreover, I 'm not an adherent to 'disaster politics, ' or the notion that the faster things get worse and collapse, the sooner we can 'rebuild ' something better. That 's a really dangerous theory and ideology. People who 've lived in failed states will tell you that a collapsing or collapsed society is not something to envy, it 's something to avoid at all costs.

Those who haven 't had the pleasure of experiencing such chaos and madness will envy the days of Barrack Obama, George Bush or Bill Clinton. These days, leftists look fondly upon the days of Richard Nixon, who some argue was America 's last liberal president. If things don 't drastically change, and if the Left is unable to create viable electoral alternatives, everyone should expect policies and ideologies to shift further and further to the Right, as they have for decades.

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