Radiation Therapy Is A Growing Field Essay examples

Radiation Therapy Is A Growing Field Essay examples

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Radiation therapy is a growing field that has not been around very long. This field works with patients that have many different types of cancer ranging from leukemia, lung cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and brain cancer among others. Cancer can be effectively treated using surgical, chemical and radiation treatment or a combination of the three. Many advantages and disadvantages have emerged when considering the use of radiation therapy and these pros and cons should be discussed thoroughly between the Oncologist and patient before a decision has been made on a course of action. Special licensing is required to enter this specialized field of radiation therapy and can be obtained through special programs.
There are many different modalities in radiation therapy. Three major categories include internal, external, and systemic radiation therapy. The physician determines what type of modality the patient needs by reviewing the patient’s labs, from there he/she will develop a treatment plan using what is called simulation. During simulation, the oncologist will see detailed imaging scans that show the location of a patient’s tumor and the normal surrounding areas. These scans are traditionally done by CT, MRI, PET scans, and Ultra Sounds. Once the oncologist has determined what type of cancer it is and where it is located he/she will then decide what method of radiation therapy is needed (American Cancer Society, Inc).
External radiation is the most commonly used form of therapy which uses a machine that directs high-energy rays from outside the body into the tumor. This treatment can be done during outpatient visits, at a hospital or a treatment center. Some of the different types of therapies include, Three-dimensional ...

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...due to reimagined technology like Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) which is a major featured of the Varian Trilogy machine. With these new linear accelerators it is possible to conduct treatments as well as imaging all while being able to take quality CT scan while the patient lay on the same table (UCSanDiego School of Medicine). There are many new technologies and advancements in the medical field today that are creating new ways to treat patients. These advancements however will not replace the fundamental physical principles for image formation. However, radiopharmaceuticals potentials are unlimited and can provide advantages in nuclear medicines.
In conclusion, while technology is advancing at a faster pace, the population is getting older, and cancer is on the rise. For these reasons, radiation therapy is a field that is only going to continue to grow. 

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