Essay on Radiation and Its Uses, Specifically in South Africa

Essay on Radiation and Its Uses, Specifically in South Africa

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What is radiation?

Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels in the form of waves or high speed

particles. Radiation is mainly released from atoms, which is the smallest particle of matter.

When radiation is emitted, it excites the orbiting electrons in atoms and causes the electrons

to vibrate, which emits the energy.

There are two types of radiation, namely Ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Non-
ionizing radiation has a low energy level and therefore cannot change the chemical properties

of a substance that it is exposed to. Ionizing radiation is the portion of the electromagnetic

spectrum with sufficient energy to pass through matter and physically dislodge orbital

electrons to form ions. These ions in turn can produce biological changes when introduced

into tissues. Ionizing radiation can exist in two forms: as an electromagnetic wave such as x-
ray or gamma ray or as particle in the form of an alpha or beta particle neutron or proton.

Radiation is used in our daily lives without noticing it or realizing the benefits it provides.

Ionizing radiation plays an important role in medicine or in the radiography departments,

where it is used for different medical procedures for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. X-
rays is a common form of ionizing radiation used to view anatomic structures abnormalities

and diseases. Radiation is also used for the treatment of diseases within different anatomic

structures, such as cancer.

What is medical imaging?

Medical imaging is techniques that are used to view anatomical structures and monitor

diseases. Medical imaging can be used to diagnose, treat and potentially cure patients without

harming them in anyway. Medical physicists are...

... middle of paper ...

...ple would have permanent disabilities, because of the internal

damages that has occurred to them and cannot be detected, but through the use of radiation

specialists can diagnose the damage that has occurred internally so as to give a chance for

professionals such as doctors to give specific treatment for the damage.

Through the use of ultrasound in radiation we are able to detect the foetus before it is born;

people have an opportunity to see the development of the foetus. Ultrasound has radiation

and is affordable.

In South Africa malignant diseases were treated by herbal mixtures, there was a high rate

of death due to cancer, pandemic. In nowadays the use of radiotherapy to treat cancer has

brought a huge impact and made a big difference in people’s lives. Medical imaging in South

Africa has made a significant spot the use of Computed Tomography.

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