Racist Jokes And Offensive Humor Essay

Racist Jokes And Offensive Humor Essay

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Every reader has the right to their own political positions and this book is not intended to sway you to change your beliefs or offend any national origin or person. The book is written in first, second and third person narrativ). The author or distributor does not condone or agree with any of the descriptions or methods used in this book and the related chapters. It is, however, meant to be a picture of several social issues of the time period and an engaging action, adventure and political story. The threats, the discriminatory content and information about guerrilla warfare, political issues, political history and violence, threats regarding killing of so-called "traitors and terrosit" and instruction on how to employ WMDs (which is all available through Wikipedia and other online sources to anyone) is therefore all a part of this fictional story. Sometimes dehumanizing speech, racist jokes and offensive humor is used. Threats, racism, sexism, offensive humor and discrimination in the book is used in charcter and I apologize ahead of time if any offense is given – no offense is intended. (No character is real). Some of the character might sound realistic, however I created a fictative family for me and addeds some elements from my fictative life.
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the factual accuracy of the contents, no liability can be accepted for any use of the information in the book. As that facts are rolled into fiction (and it became not real facts then) to be entertaining to individuals who are intend to know about random facts around different topic. The material in this book is provided for informational and entertaining purposes only. We do not claim that the book is an exhaustive compilation of informat...

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... is just fun activities for enrichment). Every person must have an assessment and diagnosis and a letter of approval from a certified physician before engaging in any activity that requires physical exertion, this is imperative to ensure every participants safety and that they can or indeed are capable to participate in the activity. Furthermore, all activities must be undertaken with appropriate supervision and safety requirements in place. No activities in this book can substitute the needs for safety protocol, for a particular setting, and there is an absolute requirement to follow the state and federal regulations pertaining to safety. Before trying any of these exercises discuss it with your medical doctor and only perform or try it under medical super vision, when your docter and medical team is willing to take full responsibility for you, and your actions.

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