The Racist Beliefs And Organizations That Motivated The Alleged Shooter

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Charleston, South Carolina, and the rest of the country are shrouded in grief in the horrific mass shooting or terrorist act at a historical black church that left nine people dead. Authorities have called this shooting a hate crime. Considering the words of director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project Heidi Beiriche: “White supremacists or anti-government beliefs have motivated at least one attack every five weeks for the past five years.” Which is why it is important to take up the sociological viewpoint in this this domestic terrorism. It is important to examine the racist beliefs and organizations that motivated the alleged shooter. Just because he acted alone in the act doesn’t mean that he is not getting his motivation from some other kind of organized effort taking place. The shooting raises many social issues regarding race relations, gun control, mental health, and terrorism. But the questions that remain are how does one explain such a crime from a scientific perspective? What could lead someone to commit a racially motivated hate crime? What is racism — and how can we as a society overcome it? Racism can be defined as a system of social advantages and disadvantages doled out based upon group membership, particularly what we have socially defined as races. Sociologists sometimes refer to the newer form of racism “colorblind racism.” Meaning, that outward expression of racial expression and explicit discriminatory laws have been silenced or removed, but unfair racial advantages or disadvantages are still doled out, despite few people admitting to being devout racists. By having racism define so systematically, social racism can be seen with the prolific message that limits race. In other words, ... ... middle of paper ... ... gargantuan task is to dismantle the social world, as we know it. Importantly, that does not mean the end of this planet; it simply means the end of an unjustly created, defined and refined world. Until we can see that as a possibility, racism will continue to shape our daily lives. Now what is going to happen to Dylann Roof? Well what usually happens is that that the gunmen usually shoot themselves or go to jail. But that doesn’t eradicate the racism in the country. The problem has never been fully addressed, but needs to be spoken in a courteous way. The people who need to be involved are not involved. In a dark twisted logic, extremist like Dylann Roof spurred society to come together in a way that it may serve great purposes going forward. Now he is not to be thanked for this, but he inscribes a greater message on how far we need to go to overcome racial hatred.

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