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Racism is defined as discrimination or prejudice based on race. In the past and present racism was main part of most of the war this county is and was in. These consist of the Civil War, Holocaust, and the racism after 9/11.
Well let's go in order. First was the Civil War. That's was the war about slavery, and we all know that slavery is one of the biggest forms of racism known to man. It was fought between the North (Union) and the South (Consecrates). The cause of this war was slavery, which is the base of racism in this country today. The South was sending ships over to Africa and bringing back people to sell like they were cattle. The south thought this was ok, because they thought that they were a lesser race to the white man. The South put the Africa Americans to work on their farms. Not seeing that this was so wrong to the moral standard of a human being. The Africa Americans weren't allowed to do anything but be slaves.
When the North heard of the news they tried to stop this. The south wanted no part of the North's explanation because they bought the slave they thought the Africa Americans were their own property. They were so mad that they broke away from U.S and made their own thing The Confederate State of America. Now saying that there were many people in the south who thought the same way the as North, so the Underground Railroad started to help the Africa Americans. This was a series of hiding spots for Africa Americans who were trying to get to the North's boarder so the slave could be come free. At anytime if the slave were caught they were either killed or returned to their owner. The people who house them were jailed and convicted of treason. All of this led to the assignation of Ab Lincoln which started the Civil War. Which in the end the North won and all the slaves were let go to be free people.
Now there was the Holocaust, the mass extermination of anyone who was not pure bread German. Well let's go though the steps. "A man name Adolf Hitler came to power in came to power in 1923 after the collapse of Germany." (Nazi Period 1). He came with this plan of a prefect Germany.

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This was to kill everyone of thing that wasn't of German descent. He made an army of nothing but pure Germans, which were called Nazi Party. These Nazis went around ransacking homes in all of Germany which were not German families and either killing them or putting them into concentration camps. "Germany was a classic totalitarian state" (1). In this totalitarian state the Jews were forced to go into hiding of be put into camps.
The Concentration Camps were no joke. Once you got there you were split into two lines men or omen and children. Most of the time the women and children were put straight to their death by the Nazi Party. The camps had many ways of killing the Jews. They could take you out back and shoot you; you could stave to death, because you only got one meal a day which was a piece of bread and a glass of water. Others were so cruel in the way that the Nazis would say ok shower time, and in stead of water you get lock in and they would get deadly gas. The last one is so horrible the Nazis would sometimes just knock people out, and put them into a crematorium. That was to say that they would be burned alive. The Nazis had no regard for human life if you were not pure bread. This is what was the main reason for World War II, after the United States were bombed at Pearl Harbor. Germany and who ever was with them lost World War II. Hitler killed himself when he learned of the defeat. He killed himself by a poison pill.
Now on to this date in age. The driving force of racism is what happened on September 11. The bombing of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. "The Day of Infamy" as stated by President Bush (Panic Profiling 1). The bombing was reported to be by Alkyta, which was a terrorist group from Afghanistan. This is the reason for all the racism towards the Afghani people.
The effect of this bombing was and still is outrageous. Right after the bombing there was a burst of patriotism in this country. We meaning the United States beefed up security everywhere. There was a universal stereotype in this country. It was that even if you were born if you were a descendent of Afghani, you were considered to be a terrorist. There was know was around it. I'll even admit to it. I did I was scared to even get on a plane if the was any one of Afghani nationality. There were even reports of kids get beat up in school because of their skin color. People thought this was patriotism, but it was not it was just a form of racism. Moving on to the airport, once again if you had brown skin and a black beard you were getting checked left and right. Store owned by people of Afghani descent were losing business just because people were being racist, and not understanding that the people who were apart of the bombing are not the people who run that business you won't give your money to. If that's not racism I don't what is.
Also the War we are in right now is because of what went on the day of September 11. We are over there killing harmless people, because we are looking for the man who was responsible for the bombing. His name is Osoma Benladin. So maybe we can get out there and just look for Benladin, and stop killing innocent people.
In closing racism has been in this world forever. I don't think it is ever going away. So everyone needs to find away to get away from discrimination and racism maybe we got a shot at beating this thing, but until then racism will be around forever.
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