Racism : The World For As Long As We Can Remember Essay

Racism : The World For As Long As We Can Remember Essay

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Racism has been a struggle in the world for as long as we can remember. According to globalissues.org, racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race that some racial groups are superior to others. The best and probably most known example of this is Caucasian’s thinking they are superior to African Americans. Kate Chopin expressed racism in a very interesting way with her story Desiree’s Baby. Family should stick together no matter the circumstances, but in this scenario, the family fell apart because of racism. Ralph Ellison in Invisible Man also did a remarkable job including racism and how it was actually thought to be in the 1900’s. A young African American boy just wanted to succeed in life but Caucasians mocked him and made him feel as if he would never be able to live up to his expectations. Angelina E. Grimke served a good purpose in Appeal to the Christian Women of the South. Though the main point in this story was about slavery, it also relates to racism. Slaves were black and not white due to the high ranked opinions on whites. Her four points on the way to end slavery were read on the subject, pray over the subject, speak on the subject, and act on the subject which we can contribute to today’s world racism problems. The world is full with racism. Whether it is the horrendous acts here in America or the racism in Europe, it is still a very well-known act many take upon themselves.
In Desiree’s Baby, the racial tension was definitely put out there just as it is in the world today. The father made the mother and baby leave due to him thinking that the baby and his wife were African American. He even softened up on the way he treated the slaves at his...

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... any. Those three stories I talked about in my previous paragraphs were very effective and gave a lot of information on how slavery was effective. Families were torn apart by it and therefore many people were affected by these tragic events. In order to stop slavery once and for all, we need to come together not only as a nation, but also as a whole world. Racism is something that has been around for a long time and may continue to be if we don’t do anything about it. Our book gave us an insight as just too how hard those times were and the way it did hurt many people. African American’s felt worthless and that is just so devastating considering we are all the same in God’s eyes. After reading Desiree’s Baby, Invisible Man, and Appeal to the Christian Women of the South, I have a whole new perspective on slavery and I think everyone else will too after reading them.

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