Racism : The Continuation Of Racism Essay

Racism : The Continuation Of Racism Essay

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The Continuation of Racism

There are many obstacles that people face and continue to face till today. One major obstacle that people continue to fight is Racism. Racism is the discrimination among other races, who one race seems to be more superior then the other (Michael). Racism will continue to enter generations if the people continue to let it happen. Seeing one race higher than the other is unequal and causes major conflicts. Mainly between blacks and white which at one point they were in a segrated time of period. A period of time that dealt with whites and blacks not being in the same building or even getting to know each other without a fight or riot breaking out. Racism in the past may have been worse than the modern day of time, but it will continue to be a major conflict in the society in which people are the only case of it.
Racism begin during the 1700 's century in which white took control, of the blacks. A term that became known as "Slavery." Being a slave dealt the right of no freedom and the act of having no property. Slaves were also referred to as property though because they had no power against their will upon the whites. Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to aid in the production of such lucrative crops as tobacco (Daniels). During that time period blacks were required to obey their master and work until the age of death or injury. Slaves were tortured and beaten if the job was not done right or if they even try to escape to have a taste of freedom. As time went on slavery finally ended during the 1863 when the 13 amendment was passed. 13 amendment stated that " Neither slavery or involuntary servitude, except as...

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...l exist till today. They are allowed because of the right of freedom of beliefs, in which they see any other race as a discrimination. Until racist group has been demolished, no one should have the right to believe that racism has ended in America.
America over a period of time has seemed to progress upon society’s behavior. Racism in the past was much worse than how it is today. Slavery in the past was a difficult barrier that African americans had to face, then moving on to being segregated did not happen to change things but encourage racism. Today racism stills exist and it will continue till everyone realize that no matter what their skin color happens to be they are still equal. Stereotype plays a part upon racism as well and people should not continue to carry it on. If so nothing will ever change and the identity of America being racist will remain the same.

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