Essay about Racism : Racism And Its Impacts On People 's Lives

Essay about Racism : Racism And Its Impacts On People 's Lives

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Obed Mayienda
Jared Chambers
English 1301
November 24, 2014
In broad spectrum, racism refers to a belief that a particular race is superior to another because of their skin color, place of origin or religion. It may also be termed as discrimination against a particular group on grounds of color, cultural believes and religion. People tend to believe that a particular race is more important and superior than others both biologically and intellectually and therefore should never be treated as same (Berg 12). Racism is a vice that has existed since time immemorial and practiced widely in many nations. It is ugly, unwelcome and unacceptable vice that divides a nation in two or more groups, by treating some people as more important a that other thus creating hatred and enmity on racial backgrounds. This paper will strive to explain the causes of racism in societies and its impacts on people’s lives. The paper will further attempt to presents areas where racism is highly evident in sports and other related activities.
Causes of racism
As noted earlier racism has been part of human being since time immemorial and in many incidences, it grows as a result of human beings’ tendency to create stereotypes on the basis of color origin and religion. The seed of racial discrimination was planted by our forefather long before we could make our choice whether to adopt or to dispute racism. In fact we practice racism without our consciousness (McGuire 26) The German holocaust that left millions of Jews dead was a fruit of racism. In addition the emergence of second class citizenship in United States was as a result of existence of racial discrimination in the country. Therefore existence of racial discrimination in the world could ...

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...iety requires concerted efforts which cannot be achieved in the light of racial segregation to address inequality government policies should be reframed to address the dignity of all people and eliminate the stereotypes that are common in our society. Human right activism is the best path to follow in search of social justice and equality as indicated by the life of Martin Luther King. And his famous speech “I have a dream”

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