Racism, Prejudice, And Incarceration Essay

Racism, Prejudice, And Incarceration Essay

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Race is and has been a controversial topic that has been prevalent in all societies from the dawn of modern civilization. In particular it has become more well known and publicized in modern western civilization because of our technical advances, it has allowed different cultures and races to be able to interact in a way like never before. Even with all the positives of this multicultural revolution in most countries across the world there has been significant setbacks including racism, prejudice and incarceration which has had a huge effect on not only minorities but has had a trickle down effect on the communities in which they reside. In
our modern society there has been an ever increasing stigma between law enforcement and minorities, this point has caused unrest and social upheaval throughout many western societies like America . The tension arises from the distrust that minorities have towards the social establishment and law enforcement in particular, for many thinking they are unfairly punished and persecuted.
The issue focused on minorities in western society have often been critical of law enforcement due too many very public events which have taken place throughout the last few decades. The increased media attention on race and inequal has given rise to the white privilege a hot topic issue in western society. Racism has served to make people feel less than others whom have power due to who they are as they have no control, causing them to fear for their life due to being targets of issues as their civil rights are taken away. White privilege is a power that is going unrecognized within the Western society. People who are not aware of this are not on the other side of the issue which is what our society suffers from. ...

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...young black men compared to young white men,” and that “whites in their early thirties are more than twice as likely to hold a bachelor 's degree than blacks” (Pettit & Western, 2004). The authors data allowed them to confirm their hypothesis that time in prison has essentially become a new part of the life stage for young black men entering adulthood. The issue of mass incarceration does not affect us all equal, it does however target minority populations and the one’s who are not educated
Overall, racial disparity in the justice system among America shows different treatment of similarly situated people due to their race. The history of racial disparity in the country has been going on for centuries with the country’s past with slavery, laws, and sevral other racially based injustices comes to show that race still plays a big factor in the criminal justice system.

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