The Racism Of African Americans Essay example

The Racism Of African Americans Essay example

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Minorities deal with injustice every day. Can America learn from what they have done to cause minority to go through so much suffer? How can society be helped with systemic racism? To help solve the problem systemic racism teachers should educate the youth on historical events that shows minorities perspectives.
Not everyone would agree on the method to educate the youth like that. Some people might argue that to teach the youth about systemic racism from the perspective of minorities would be to teach them the bad behaviors. It would be teaching them about racism and to educate kids like that is not okay. Some people might also say, that along with re teaching “racism” the children would not understand the racial disparities relative to historical events.
To be able to acknowledge the horrors of what American society has done is horrific (Coates). Minorities deal with everyday judgment no matter where. In American history there were African Americans’ who were slaves, Hispanics who did cleaning or the jobs that no one wanted to have. Stereotypes of minorities are engraved into society and to “embrace” the matter means to accept the mistakes of the American culture on how they handle those who are “different” (DiMaggio). So yes, it may be true that teachers would be teaching kids at an early age a subject they are not yet able to understand. But, to teach is to have the students learn and comprehend the concepts, otherwise what is the purpose of being a teacher? To have the youth educated on the minorities perspective means giving them the knowledge of how systemic racism could be prevented. In addition, Systemic racism is a way that explains both race and racism as significant matters. To educate children about systemic racism o...

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...y are in the right to try to fix societies problem. Obviously, not overnight, but eventually they well be able to make a difference.
Teach the children how to empathize with people. Tell them that showing empathy and just saying “I am so sorry” means a lot to someone who faces hardship (Ngaruiya). Just to have someone recognize them [minorities] as human and can show how empathy goes a long way. Just show that you care and are willing to prove that those who are bigots are people who are filled with stupidity. Not everyone is like that, but most people are and those are the people teachers should shine some light on. Encourage the youth to do something that could benefit everyone, especially the voices that are meant to be heard. No matter how a child is taught they should understand that everyone is equal and that there is no need to discriminate against minorities.

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