The Racism Of African American Youth Essay

The Racism Of African American Youth Essay

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Growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood, I 've seen countless things that I’d
believe destroyed our unified black culture. I can ponder on many issues that occurs in my
community that I dislike. Issues I disapprove, including: a poor education system, violence, peer
pressure, stereotyping, and etc. “Negros” are ridiculed because of their actions and it ' is
unacceptable to them nor myself. I 'm ready to see a change and for the world to come as

Our African American youth is suffering the most because of our race and reputation.
Most of the problems that take place in black communities are caused from a white man 's
perception of what the world should be. Meaning, white privilege. White privilege is an excuse
for Caucasians "white people" to take advantage of everyone. They feel they have the right to be
superior, and act arrogant towards African Americans. This started centuries ago and our
ancestors had to fight for future generations so we can have more. They’re not saying to better
than any other, race but to be seen as equal. Currently, African Americans have some sort of
balance in society, but were constantly judge in everything we do.

Did you know black people are the talk of the town? Afro-Americans invented many
resources that the world uses today, and without us this nation wouldn’t be the same. They might
not admit it, but other ethnicity admires us. We start movements that grabs people’s attention
nationwide. We are trend setters and we set examples as leaders. We have our own uniqueness
and we express it through anything and everything that allows us. We 're constantly changing our
fashion, hairstyle (weave, dreadlocks) and our bodies because we idolize our idols and
favorite ...

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...rom a white man’s perception of what the world should be.

I’ve grew up on the east side of Chicago and I still live on the same block and in the
same apartment where I flourish into the young African American woman I am today. You see, I
can speak about these things because I see it happening before my very own eyes. I may not be
into politics nor history, but I know enough to realize my black communities is getting the short
end of the stick. The world continuously disrespects and stereotype us into a category that no one
likes and I disapprove of how everyone views us because what they think they know about us
isn’t true. Don’t believe me, look at our credentials, we have proof we deserve respect and
equality. Justify our actions, we all are human and one nation. We do belong in this world and I
just want them to accept us as we are, African Americans.

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