Essay on Racism Not A Problem Anymore By Mike Brown

Essay on Racism Not A Problem Anymore By Mike Brown

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The issue of racism is one that not only the United States, but the entire world still deals with. Discrimination and unlawful acts often take place in our time today. However, years ago it was an issue that was fought and supposedly reprimanded. Many times in the news and media we see examples of racist acts that take place. Racism can be seen through our justice system, our schooling systems, and our styles of living. Many people turn the other way while others act against it. Stereotyping and discrimination against people of all races and beliefs still take place yet was ended years ago. Many people use their voice and stand up against these injustices.
In the article titled “Racism Not a Problem Anymore? Don 't Be Ridiculous, It 's Still a Big Issue” by Mike Brown, Brown discusses the issue of racism and how it is still present in today’s time. In this article, Brown discusses the seemingly racist arresting of two innocent black men, the discrimination of black people with housing and job applications, the arrestment rate of black versus white men, and other examples of racism in our country. He uses these pieces of evidence to prove that racism still exists in our country today and that we should not turn our heads anymore.
The purpose of Brown’s article is to get the attention of his audience and help them realize that racism is still an issue that we should not overlook. Brown’s main claim is that “Racial bias still exists, individuals, still act on it, and it still works to worsen equality”. Brown’s argument is very powerful and can be proven, however his lack of sufficient evidence does not help support his argument. Brown often uses the “cherry picking” method, a subject that will be elaborated on later. He even begins ...

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... evidence hurt Brown’s article, mainly because it begins to make the article sound like a rant. He mentions both quickly and briefly, but places it randomly in the article.
Brown’s argument is very powerful and can definitely be proven, but his lack of sufficient evidence does nothing for his argument. He begins to lose his track by ranting towards the end, which causes the readers to lose interest. Another factor that seemed to affect the article is the fact that Brown hardly recognizes the positive times between races and how we’ve united. If he would have done that first and then mentioned how that even if we have a lot of good, a small amount of bad can ruin it then the article might have had a little more power to it. In order for Brown’s argument to be completely effective he needs relevant and reliable evidence that is placed correctly throughout his argument.

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