Essay on Racism Is There Still Racism?

Essay on Racism Is There Still Racism?

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Oh, Is There Still Racism?: Systematic Racism in American Society
The lack of awareness among society surrounding racism is a problem of great proportion. Everyday people go on with their daily routines, unaware of the discrimination and inequalities around them. A lot of the time those who are unable to recognize these injustices are people in positions of power who are not affected by them. While these issues may not directly affect them, that does not negate the fact that they still exist. After centuries of progression within the United States many people have been led to believe that racism is a thing of the past, failing to acknowledge its undermining presence in people of color’s everyday lives. Racism still runs rampant among American society and until it is completely acknowledged true equality will never be achieved.
Beverly Tatum, a clinical psychologist and scholar who now serves as president of Spelman College, defines and examines what racism looks like in America throughout her essay “Defining Racism - Can We Talk.” Among one of the key experiences she discusses involves one of her students and her ignorance regarding race. Tatum states:
A white student I knew asked me what I would be teaching the following semester. I mentioned that I would be teaching a course on racism. She replied, with some surprise in her voice, ‘Oh, is there still racism?’ I assured her that indeed there was and suggested that she sign up for my course. (Tatum 123)
This is a situation that is far too common among people who do not suffer through racism. If it is out of sight then it is out of mind; it is not their issue. Tatum also discusses the roots of racism, arguing that it starts when people are young as they have limited interactions a...

... middle of paper ...

...eople know it is. That lack of awareness around the topic is what lets it continue. People assume it does not exist or is not a pressing issue so enough attention is not placed on it and continues going unchallenged. It important to gather the tools that help challenge this dilemma because it constantly dehumanizes and puts people down. Different circumstances like education level and critical thinking skills play a major part in being able to identify these issues, but sometimes people simply cannot acknowledge the benefits they garnish. There is no easy solution to racism, it is a problem that has existed almost as long as humans have been around, but making sure more people know that it is still an issue is a step in the right direction. If a light is shined on this issue more people will know that this society is far from the amazing utopia it is perceived to be.

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