Racism Is Something That Is Taught Essay

Racism Is Something That Is Taught Essay

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Racism is something that is taught. When a child is born, they have not born a racist, prejudice, or even know how to dislike someone because of whom they are, where they come from, or how wealthy they may be. This is something that is taught at an early age through adulthood by the parents, family members, and friends; which continued from generations of generations. Racism is when someone is mistreated or intolerance of another race (Mandell & Schram (2012). They believe that one’s race is more superior to the other (Mandell & Schram (2012).
In the United States, the founding fathers did not allow females or black men to vote; these people consist of the whites, and the Christians (Mandell & Schram (2012). Back in 1800, and 1900 blacks were not treated as equal to whites. Even though the Civil War freed the slaves (Mandell & Schram (2012), in 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment gave blacks the right to vote, however, they did not use it until the 1950s when segregation laws were struck down by the Jim Crow Laws in the South (Mandrell & Schram (2012). Thus, not only African Americans found themselves being discriminated against; you also have the American Indians, Pacific Islanders, Latinos and the Asians; just to name a few.
In today’s society, there are many people that believe that racism, prejudice, or discrimination does not exist anymore; however, we know that is not so. Racism is an ugly monster that has many faces that effect many lives. Although some people do not like to address or admit that this monster exists and as stronger than ever. Racism, prejudice, and discrimination is not just in our communities, but on our places of employments; for example, a young lady that works in corrections, was instructed to call ch...

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...a disability are considered as an oppressed group because of not being able to have the same access to societies benefits (Mandell & Schram (2012). Even though, many people with disabilities are challenged every day. This is not because of what type of disability that they have, but because of how they are treated. Having a disability, in today’s society have been a big problem for a long time. There are many people or businesses who see people with a disability as a problem or someone who does not fit in with the normal people. Instead of dealing with them, they rather look the other way. When dealing with people with disabilities, you are going to have to have patience, know policy and procedures, your job, in order to be able to help them to learn how to deal with everyday activities; even though it may be a struggle.

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