Essay about Racism Is Not Alive And Well

Essay about Racism Is Not Alive And Well

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Racism Intertwined with Nationalism Is Alive and Well
In today’s world, people would like to think that racism no longer exists, at least not in the way it use to exist in the past where the people could be lynched or beaten or arrested just for the color of their skin. Racism today are stereotypes based on a person’s skin color, for instance if that person is a Hispanic or a Latino they are probably an illegal immigrant or if they are African American with dark skin they probably have a criminal record. Many racist stereotypes are usually targeted to the African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos that live in the United States. Besides the stereotypes they are the slur words used against them as insults, such as using the N word or the word “black” for African Americans or any other person that has dark skin, or the misrepresentation of a nationality that is used in a cruel way, like saying all Hispanics or Latinos come from Mexico. America is a country that has a diverse population ranging from people all over the world and some who weren’t even born in this country but yet still have loyalty to this country, which is called nationalism. But sometimes racism can show itself in seemingly good intentions when groups of people come together for their country. All this is seen throughout history and even today and some form of nationalism is seen in the film, Children of Men.
In the film, Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, there are no more children in the world, the countries have turned against each other, and the only country that hasn’t fallen is Britain. And since Britain hasn’t fallen people all over the world want to migrate there. Throughout the film the viewer can see how Britain is still plagued with problems, s...

... middle of paper ..., that may or may not have good intentions, but it is a start at having a chance to get rid of racism.
All in all, racism will continue on in today’s world if only people start to accept each other and not judge a person just by their background or by their skin color. Nationalism by definition is suppose to be good and it can bring people together but not always for good reasons. People have pride for their country, which can also lead to loyalty and as history has shown people are loyal to whomever they believe brings prosperity for them and their country. A fault with nationalism is that when more then one country has pride sometimes isn’t so easy to back off and the end result isn’t so good as history has shown us. Nationalism comes in different forms such as the need to survive like in the film, or the massacre of millions of people in World War II.

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