Essay on Racism Is Discriminating Or Treating Someone Better / Worse?

Essay on Racism Is Discriminating Or Treating Someone Better / Worse?

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What is racism? Racism is discriminating or treating someone better/worse because of their race. Racism can be one race taking superiority over another race or cause harm to another race. The essay written by James Baldwin, expresses the way racism happens today, in society. James Baldwin achieves his goal of showing the path of racism throughout time by his use of pathos, ethos, logos, and repetition. The specific use of all these devices truly brings the best way of using his writing skill in this essay.
To begin with, let’s get to know more about James Baldwin, the author. James Baldwin constantly wrote about his experience as a black man in white America (“about the author”). In various essay’s James Baldwin wrote about the struggle and the pain of black man in American society. James Baldwin is a grandson of a slave and grew up in Harlem in 1924. James Baldwin grew up in a poverty stricken household and struggled with his difficult relationship with his step-father. At the age of fourteen, Baldwin realized his passion for the English language and preceded to spend the majority of his time in libraries. At this time, Baldwin uncovered his true potential for writing. Although the tough relationship, James Baldwin followed in his step father’s footsteps and became a preacher. The quote that best explains his thoughts was, “Those three years in the pulpit – I didn’t realize it then – that is what turned me into a writer, really, dealing with all that anguish and that despair and that beauty.” The quote makes the reader understand James Baldwin’s true passion and love for writing and the obstacles that he overcame to make him the man that he is now. For many authors, it does not become evident through their work the true challeng...

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... racism is a major problem in today’s society.
The writer of “Negroes Are Anti-Semitic Because They 're Anti-White” creates an angry tone by using harsh words such as hate to describe the hatred towards racism. James Baldwin includes these harsh words to give an example of the struggle and the harsh words being spoken to African Americans.
James Baldwin is a man fed up with the systematic errors with racism and racial supremacy. The well written speeches used the correct amount of devices that gave a correct understanding of the intended purpose, bringing awareness to racism. Racism is found in all walks of life and this essay gave light to one story, that of an African American. James Baldwin has endured the failures of society and prospered as an author. The attention brought to this topic has made it clear that no matter your background, you can make it in life.

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