Racism Is Becoming A Multicultural Society Essays

Racism Is Becoming A Multicultural Society Essays

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It is Time, Once Again, to Contend with Racism
Human has adjusted to environment and took place individual variation. For examples skin color, color of the pupil and other characteristics is naturally in various groups. Eventually some groups gained vested rights which resulted in relative superiority. This is Racism. Through relative superiority against physical, historical features, racism derives from superiority and repulsion to other groups. Various races are scattered around the world because of discovery of the New World and development of technology. Then the Racism has appeared over the world.
There were many instances of race discrimination in world, like Skinheads in England and Nazism in Germany. Race discrimination in the United States was become a big issue globally, especially after the Civil War. South Korea has a hard time with racism, as it is becoming a multicultural society. There are a number of similarities and differences between the United States and South Korea.
The United States started in migrant history. The white settlers made an attempt to develop agriculture. They used Native Americans as a labor force. But things didn’t go as they had wished. They rid the land of the Natives and got the continent. Then they brought Africans as slaves. The slaves were worked off their feet. Namely white people effectively and economically controlled black people. In 1863, the slavery disappeared through the Emancipation Proclamation. But still later, further disruptions took place. Black people were banned from voting and were not given basic human rights, so Civil Rights Movement was started. And still, most white people were the upper class and the black people were the lower class.

In South Korea, migrant his...

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...om developing counties.
In other words, Korea has based their economic evolution on emphasizing their one nation culture ideology. And they solve their lack of labor problem from developing countries’ labor. These kinds of histories influenced Korean racism.
Discrimination against people based on looks is undesirable. We have an obligation to treat all people equally. Every single person has a right to live equally in law. It is the basic idea of democracy which is supported by the US and the Republic of Korea. Even this idea is specified in the Korean Constitution. Both nations are proud of their democratic ideology, but it is ironic that they still have racism. It is a shameful behavior. We have to accept differences and respect each other. Racism must be expelled from our country. We have to think about it more. It’s time, once again, to contend with Racism.

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