Essay Racism Is A Common Issue Facing People Today

Essay Racism Is A Common Issue Facing People Today

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“Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others.” (Shah) Racism is a common issue facing people today. Racism can be displayed in a variety of ways, but often people misuse the word racist and racism. For example, at my school, if you do not attend the black history program then you are considered racist. There are many statements that are said out of anger and hurt like, “you’re racist!”, “of course you’re smart, you’re Chinese.”, or “you only hate me because I’m black.”
Teenagers use racism as a form of defense when being bullied, and also when they are doing the bullying. Often, people use racism or the word racist when they are bullied as a way to make the bully feel hurt in the way the bully hurts others. Having issues like racism in high school can affect people the most because school by itself is stressful. High schools are not the only place where racism is displayed. Racial problems are happening all over the world like Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc.
A lot of the huge reasons for racial problems across the globe just stem from the media. Stereotypes are grown rapidly from multiple things. Wars, resources, jobs, they all can grow stereotypes for certain races. For example in North America in the times where people would go and buy people as use them as slaves. This has brought the stereotype that black people are “slaves” and they are less than another race when that is simply not true.
Wars can and have made people fear a race for one minuscule of that races population. A lot of people forgo the idea that we are all different and just because we might look the same on the outs...

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...usted in any situation? Whether it is police brutality or common racism among teens, we are all guilty of distrusting people and judging them on their outer appearance. To me trusting is one of the main parts of treating people how we want to be treated. No one can expect for everything to be handed to them, you have to earn anything you want in life.
In conclusion, a person’s value is not determined by the color of their skin. Racism can be harsh and harmful and people should think about the effect it may have when used. There are years of hate and racism in the world and that can be changed over time, but it would take a lot of cooperation from everyone. The misunderstandings people encounter with racism cause the most damage among people. I believe in time we can all be equals and not expect anyone to be the fabricated people that the world has made us out to be.

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