Essay about Racism Is A Clear Part Of The Society That Has Affected The World

Essay about Racism Is A Clear Part Of The Society That Has Affected The World

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More than One Meaning
Racism is a clear part of the society that has affected the world in numerous ways. The thought from one person to the next can change depending on one’s past and the experiences they have went through. Although racial discrimination is seen most often in the black generation which has originated from the history of that region; however, is not understood is that racism acts between everyone. Even though, many groups and people are trying every day to eliminate racial discrimination, it is still a major factor in the country which needs a solution to aid in its problem. Racism is simply stereotyping or labeling another person, either due to their race or their basic believes. While racism has only one real definition, the underlying aspects show more than one detail brought by tension from one race to another.
When a seed of hated and cultural relativity is planted a forest is grown causing every area of life to be negatively affected. Racism is devastating to the country, which is most often caused by skin tone or ethnic group. In the world today, racism does not allow for equal rights to all citizens, which is a critical component of the world’s success and development. Looking towards the future, if a class of people are not allowed to be educated in the same way as others, they will not be able to make equal contributions to the society in economical, technological and medical areas. Jim Crow states that, “the denial of quality education to certain groups of people only serves to obstruct the economic progress of the nation”. People do not claim to have the ultimate answer for the cure of racism, but neither does the world since only certain actions can be regulated. However, the only things holding a st...

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...eeded, a world that can see itself as equal. Change from every ethnic group is a response needed today, a want in the world to make it a better place for everyone. The world is the only place people have and if others cannot make peace with one another, then there will always be hated throughout the world no matter the race they are. Racism; however, is still a problem causing violence around every community and serving as a major issue separating throughout the many cultures formed around the world. The world has discovered the darkness hidden by racism which needs to make a turn into the bright sunlight bringing joy that will make the world a place for hope and equality. Although, racism brings out the dirty truth in human, everyone knows that hatred rose from beginning of segregation and still exist throughout the world causing a plethora of difficulties.

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