Essay on Racism in The Father of Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin

Essay on Racism in The Father of Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin

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The Father of Desiree’s Baby


Racism was very evident in this story and also in the time period before the American Civil War.
Racism is poor treatment or violence against another race. It can also be another race believing that they are better than the other race. This short story is all about racism during the slavery times. The story was written on November 24, 1892. This story takes place in southern Louisiana before the American Civil War.
The Armand’s family was obviously caused by racial outlooks and social influences. The short story was written based on a time when racial prejudice and discrimination was familiar mainly thorough out America’s southern states. The views of people’s personal legacy by the community help aid a social status permitting people to be successful in business and personal activities, in 1850’s it was very usual behavior for racial discrimination in the south. The sight of white advantages over the African American slaves was what was mandatory to maintain that civilization’s control. The United States Civil War was a war of much destruction. It destroyed a whole society.

Living during those difficult times when society felt the only way to maintain their way of life was to create societal moral beliefs. It was based solely on the idea of one race being greater to another race
. This story embodies how the author saw her experiences that she had lived through.
This story tells the terrors of slavery before the American Civil War.
This story represents the importance of how serious discrimination and slavery was in southern Louisiana.

The story began as it could be a fantasy. They seemed like the perfect couple. They were happily in love.
The conclusive line of “her ...

... middle of paper ...

... be part of that race. He did not want his well looked upon family name to be ruined. He was portrayed as a man who had it all. He had a reputation to keep maintained and Armand being part black would have ruined it. He owned a plantation and was a slave master. Racism did play a major role because when Armand found out that the baby was mixed everything changed such as Armand’s mood and Desiree’s happiness. She seemed to be very jolly and happy. Armand was also content. He was pleasant to the slaves. After he saw his child growing to be mixed it changed his whole attitude. He did not love the child genuinely because love is unconditional. He was more concerned about the race of the child. This was a great short story to read and it gave me insight on the importance and seriousness of our society back then. I am glad we have overcome these terrible racial matters.

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