Racism In Australia - The Rise and Fall of the White Australia Policy Essay

Racism In Australia - The Rise and Fall of the White Australia Policy Essay

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Australia is a a multicultural country. That is because it has had an increased numbers of different come to live here for many different reasons.. They have all called themselves Australians and had accepted Australia as their new home. Although the perspective of accepting a different race/culture has changed, racism still exists in Australia. Australia’s indigenous people were the first victims of racism in this country. For about 50,000 years before the settlement of the British, Australia was occupied exclusively by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. After the settlement of the British, the European legal concept of Terra Nullius was used which let white settlers gain economic and political control over the land up until the federation of the colonies of Australia 1901. British colonisation policies and later land laws were framed in the belief that the colony was being bought/owned/received by occupation (or settlement) of a Terra Nullius (land without owners). The colonisers recognised the presence of Indigenous Australians but justified by their land right policies they said that “Aborigines were too primitive to be actual owners”[6]. Furthermore, this pushed the strict immigration laws to preferences to “white” European on the basis of their Social Darwinistic principles, this resulted in the creation of the “White Australia Policy”. There were three significant events that led to the downfall of the policy, one being the creation itself, the undermining of the policy by bringing in non-European migrants and the shift of perspective from the original ideal of White superiority. Discriminatory laws against the Indigenous Australians and immigrants were abolished during the Post War period. Policies of multic...

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