Racism Has Been An Everlasting Problem Essay

Racism Has Been An Everlasting Problem Essay

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Racism has been an everlasting problem, not only has it affected African American, Chinese, Native Americans & Mexicans back then but we still experience racism today. Our presidential candidate Donald Trump is a good example that shows how divided our nation is. It all goes back to 1863 when Polk asked congress to declare war on Mexico which was a war that was based on Anglo- Saxon superiority. Mexicans were viewed as a mixed breed below blacks and Indians meaning they were inferior to them. The Anglo-Americans saw themselves as superior to any other race which is why anyone who didn 't believe in their ideologies were considered lesser than them and were oppressed. Around the 1850 's there were laws imposed to target Mexicans, Blacks and Chinese people. A law that targeted them was a law passed that didn 't allow anyone to hang out with their friends in public. There was also a law called the Greaser Law. The Greaser Law was a law that targeted homeless Mexicans. The law stated that if someone looked homeless they would go to jail or work on a farm.
Making these laws to target certain individuals was a racial thing. We still see this racism happening today with police brutality picking on African-Americans and Mexicans making them main suspects for criminal activity. Our presidential candidate puts African-Americans and Mexicans at fault for the high rate of crime that there is. A part of Trump 's solution to make America great again is to bring stop and frisk back and get rid of all the Mexicans by deportation. The only thing Mexicans are doing is working the jobs American won 't take. What they are doing is a form of slave labor because they work long hours for little pay. Something that gets me thinking is who will work out ...

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...mericans settle in Mexico but they took advantage and started to introduce slavery to parts of it even though Mexico wasn’t really in favor of it. Anglos took advantage of the land and wanted to take over.
This relates to how Mexicans live their lives today because many of them are still coming to America in search for a better life for them, and their families. With all the discrimination we have going on today it makes it harder for Mexicans to live that dream especially when most of them are being seen as criminals and rapists. People usually tend to point out the negatives in a person rather than the good. Do people have any idea how many Mexicans fought in the civil war to prove they were worthy of being American and how many Hispanic troops are enrolled in the army today. These are things that people probably don’t think about nevertheless they are important.

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