Racism And The Queer Community Essay

Racism And The Queer Community Essay

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My own personal experiences of the gay scene and the online gay sites like Tinder and Grindr are pretty grim. Many individuals like to think they are the trendsetters of worthy taste, fashion and style, but the reality is that a disturbing number of gay men are desperately insecure. They feel a constant need to fit in, desperate to find the perfect man, needing constant validation about how they look, craving the perfect body image and desperate to perform every act with the chance to possible to be noticed. They have no idea how they appear to everybody else because they are so introspective in their life vision that it hasn’t even occurred to them. Within the queer community, we have people that intend to be seeking acceptance and equality for all when in reality they only really desire it for the white, able-bodied, thin, American male. (Schaaf) In this paper, however, I’m going to discuss the internalized homophobia, stereotyping and racism in the queer community through the use of dating social media sites. This is often caused by a gay male desire to assimilate into the “straight world,” to somehow “prove” that queer people are just like everyone else. Consequently, this assimilationist approach to achieving equality leads to more problems. Usually these “straight-acting” guys are defining themselves as such, and they tend to vilify queers who are more effeminate and meet stereotypes of gay people.
Gay men are born with an inherent otherness, as queer people we feel as though we are on the margin of society. Our lives aren’t embodied in mainstream media, we don’t get to chase other little boys around the playground to peck them on the cheek or have a mock-courtship like straight kids do as they learn and grow. We feel aliena...

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...nd uncontrollable sex, indicates something disturbing that even a tiny subculture of gay men need drugs to sustain their ability to be intimate. (Wortham)
It is such a deep-rooted problem that there is no immediate solution to. Maybe considering that there might be a problem within our culture as gay men would be a step towards a solution in itself. We should be kinder to ourselves and how we relate to our body, and kinder in how we perceive and react to the bodies and souls around us, and consider what it is about other gay men around us that incites our attraction, or repulsion, and what that shows us about ourselves. These are all infinitesimally small but progressive steps that would begin to improve the mental health and quality of life in our community. If you still feel as though you despise “the scene” around you, modify it, and introduce it with your morals.

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