Essay on Racism And The Criminal Justice System

Essay on Racism And The Criminal Justice System

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Question One: Some examples of how racism continues to exist is through: housing, in the criminal justice system, environmental, and even with health care. With housing African Americans are affected because they live in poverty stricken areas. With this comes lower education amongst other issues. They are not given preference for loans and therefore being obligated to live in areas that are dangerous or not properly funded. When it comes to the criminal justice system they are racially profiled and usually a victim of a vicious attack by the police. African Americans are more likely to get stopped; they also make up the majority in the incarceration system because they are more likely to get charged. With this causing families to lose a family member and putting stress on the family because that person might have been the head of house hold. When it comes to environmental racism this is 79% of African Americans are more likely to live in health danger areas, they will live in areas with high pollution. These areas typically have minorities as a target because of poverty and they are less likely to be approved for a loan for a better home in a better neighborhood. With these living conditions comes health care; African Americans are less likely to get the proper medical attention because they are black. This is a problem because not only might it affect an individual but it might affect their children by getting less vigilant medical care because of their race or color.
Racism has changed throughout the years; it was once something expressed by everyone and it was a public thing. Now it has taken a new face, it is something that is illegal and when practiced it is discreet and indirect. Color blind racism in the twenty first cent...

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...rary color blind racism is to first have a new civil rights movement; that blacks and their allies would be the core of a movement that demands results and equality. Second that we need to a big group of anti racist whites and begin to challenge this color blind nonsense with their own kind and tackling the problem from the inside out. The third is for researchers and activists to provide counter ideological arguments for each frame of color blind racism. We must go against abstract liberalism with concrete liberal positions to give a realist understanding of these racial matters. The fourth is that we need
to undress white’s claim of color blindness before a mirror. Meaning that we must bring forth the facts of contemporary whiteness; like living in white neighborhoods, white schools, only having white friends. Fifth is that whiteness must be challenged wherever it

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