Essay on Racism And Racism : The United Army And Fight For Their Lives

Essay on Racism And Racism : The United Army And Fight For Their Lives

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Throughout the course of history we have seen Ignorance play a huge role on our society. Due to ignorance we have seen certain groups of people being treated as less. For example we have seen Africans, African Americans and many other races being treated badly mostly due to the believe they are below the white race. We have seen many tragedies like slavery which is one of the most disgusting act done by humans which has led o most of today’s racism. Many lives have been taken away after slavery due to racism many leaders have tried to fight this issue one being Malcom X. However we see the whole world effected to the extent of wars going on that force kids to join the army and fight for their lives. There has also been cartoons made in order to make fun or talk bad about certain races this helps spread the hate made from ignorance. There have also been countries thinking it was there duty to “help” African nations when they have instead made things worst. Ignorance is what has fueled many of these issues however there are still people who want to help and make a difference or at least help people learn about history and help end ignorance.
​Slavery has been a huge part of history it has become the source of racism all over the world. Although many people try to defend slavery it was a disgusting act what makes things worst is it was done by humans to humans. In the film “12 years of slave” which is based on a true story we see how a free man named Solomon is tricked by two white men with the promise to perform but ended up being sold as a slave. Solomon was taken away from his family from his kids from his wife all for the greed of couple people. It is obvious that Solomon is not a slave in the way that he talks to white people an...

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... under them. Even though in the documentary human family tree it is explained how we all share common ancestors from Africa and this was done by scientist not just a statement from someone or a believe this is fact that every human shares common ancestors somehow.
​Many of the conflict involving race in history have started from people being ignorant and thinking they are above someone because of race. Ignorance has caused millions and millions of lives throughout history. From Slavery to Racism all fueled by hate that was made from nothing but just people being greedy and thinking they are the ones to decide who is better than someone. Despite all this there are still people out there who will help and spread awareness of history the facts and the truth. Maybe someday we will live in a world without ignorance but we have surely been affected by it one way or another.

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