Racism And Racial Groups Are A Result Of Society Essay

Racism And Racial Groups Are A Result Of Society Essay

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How many times have we come across the terms “I am not racist, but…”, to then hear an individual state that they were merely joking and having a bit of fun after making an insensitive and false statement about a particular cultural group? Such denial experienced over and over again ultimately suggests a lack of understanding and education toward an issue that should no longer be prevalent in the culture of a country that defines itself as “multicultural,” yet chooses to discriminate against a minority. There is no shortage of evidence that racism still exists to this day, regardless of how science has illustrated that racial groups are a result of society, not biology.

Racism can take various forms, but the general ideology is prevalent across all definitions; that a particular “ethnicity” or “race” is either inferior or superior to others. Racism is prevalent in the form of stereotyping and prejudice, including insulting taunts and name calling or limiting the opportunities such as a position in the workforce, education of a person based on the colour of their skin ethnic origin. Racism itself impairs the human rights of an individual that are directly linked to equality and can manifest through drawings in pop culture and the media and the internet, where most remarks occur on social media sites.

There are categories to which racism can fall under, each slightly varying from the other but still maintain the same general negative perspective. Internalised racism occurs within the individual, where they employ negative notion toward a particular cultural group, holding their own of higher superiority. Individualised racism can transpire intentionally, where the person expresses their d...

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...ey like everyone else, and had to do so through major corporation at an increased price? To not be seen as a human being, but merely the flora and fauna that inhabit this earth; despite the fact your people had been on this land for millions of years previous? The answer to those questions are unjustifiable, and the thought of these issues alone illustrates that racism is still a common problem. Fundamentally, racism is a result of the denial of human interpersonal relationships. For some people, racism is a myth or issue of the past, as it continually goes past unnoticed in "mainstream news" except when a violent outbreak occurs. Those who have never experienced the trauma and inequality associated with racism fail to see how profoundly unbearable living day-to-day can be and the health implications it can inflict not only on an individual but an entire population.

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