Racism And Race And Gender Essay

Racism And Race And Gender Essay

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Tolerance is strategically employed in the process of depoliticization of socially stigmatized issues on race and gender. In the contemporary liberal democracy, these issues are implicitly hidden in the very private space. Thereby, a gendered issue such as a gender role in a family becomes what each family should discuss respectively within the family. In the same manner, the word, “race” becomes taboo people feel reluctant to reveal their views due to the prevalent notion that racism is morally incorrect. Albeit the very existence of the unequal power structure on race and gender, tolerance seems unnecessary to those who do not belong to the privileged group of the white male since their rights are fully guaranteed as a US citizen and they should be enjoying them. Thus, how the privileged whiteness is bearing the otherness of the equal but non-white and non-male US citizens is rarely recognized and discussed because the matter of how to tolerate them should be kept in individuals’ personal area. When the factors of oppression including race and gender go beyond the US territory, however, tolerance is explicitly presented and actively promoted in the public sphere as moral virtue that the superior US citizens need to perform to understand the other’s poor condition in their politics, economy, society, and culture.
As an epitome, the MOB from the Second or Third World is the site where the legacies of colonialism and sexism are intricately interwoven, so the question about how to tolerate their otherness can be an agenda. Nonetheless, it should be covered only in a way of not disturbing the existing dominant ideology of whiteness. Therefore, race and gender that whiteness adroitly controls within the US, cannot be addressed; instea...

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...timized for the moral attribute of tolerance in such ways, the unequal power structure on race, ethnicity, gender in the post-colonial context within our society can be kept unseen.
As the conflict of Amy and her father-in-law witnesses, certainly there is a moment where the hidden power structure in the mechanism of tolerance can be revealed. As this disturbing moment of possible subversion is covered as a family matter, however, a possibility of subversion, or at least, of open-discussion on the socially stigmatized issues, is eliminated. As long as tolerance is promoted as the virtue of our contemporary society without contemplating what factors are conveyed in the practice of tolerance and how they are premised, the potential subversion is ensued to be silenced and confined in the private sphere whilst the hegemonic system is reinforced invisibly but solidly.

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