Essay on Racism And Prejudice By Vincent Parrillo

Essay on Racism And Prejudice By Vincent Parrillo

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Prejudice has always appeared to involve the human fellowship. Being a controversial event, many people have struggled to explain and demonstrate the reason behind this form of human behavior. These attempted explanations give people an understanding of the effects surrounding racial discrimination. Through the essay “Cause of Prejudice”, Vincent Parrillo attempts to explain the reasons behind racism and discrimination in the United States. Lastly, some of the experiences that C.P. Ellis experiences as he transforms into a peaceful man shows some of the concepts described by Parillo in his essay. Parillo has four theories that Elli’s experiences. These theories include competition, socialization, social norms and frustration for reasons for prejudiced behavior.

Ellis had another event that can be used to explain the prejudice theories by Parillo on competition. According to this theory, Parillo attempts to explain the reasons behind people’s hostility towards misery and failure. Parrillo gave an example of Chinese sojourners who were involved in the construction of a railroad. Despite being deprived the rights of normal citizens, the sojourners managed to give the impression of a successful and hardworking individual, irrespective of the sanctions put on them. Therefore, the westerners got the feeling that the Chinese were competition in their territory (Causes of Prejudice 220). In the same way, Ellis felt certain jobs he felt were suited for white people were offered to blacks.

Some other theory that Ellis uses in his essay attempts to explain social norms. In the case of Ellis, we can tell that the he lives in a racist town where some of the natural processes of the Ku Klux Clan are supported by some authorities (C.P. Ellis...

... middle of paper ...

... him bitter and he was not sure who to blame (C. P. Ellis 224). We can also notice that Ellis found out the hard way on the realness of the American dream since he persisted to the guidelines and failed to get the benefits in the end.
Parrillo theories account for Ellis’s racism and for his eventual transformation. The examples that were presented may not be considered the exact causes of racism and prejudice, but they certainly serve their purpose to show the reasons in an individual’s case. Still, it would be safe to admit that competition, socialization, social norms and frustration seem to play significant roles in influencing racism and prejudice. It is my impression that if some of these beliefs were done away with, then people in our social Society would be willing to accept theirs and others’ situations. The term prejudice would probably not be in existence.

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