Racism And Pastoral Leadership : The Old Testament And The New Testament

Racism And Pastoral Leadership : The Old Testament And The New Testament

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Our world has an amazing variety of people groups living throughout the globe. They vary in physical appearance, languages, and cultural behaviors. Unfortunately, these differences are often considered and used by individuals of one group to devalue another. This attitude, known as racism, is a common behavior that has existed from the earliest recorded histories. This examination will review God’s Word in the Old Testament and the New Testament in order to understand what God meant to be the normative behavior of Christians as they interact with others. Consideration will be given to God’s action to create man in His own image, as well as the inherent value that each man has and will be discussed and illustrated by Holy Scripture. This examination will then consider the current racial situation in the world at large, in the United States, and more specifically in the Southern States. Biases which are typical of human interactions will be compared to biblical guidance. The examination will consider what steps should be reviewed as pastors attempt to provide biblical leadership to their congregations, in view of God’s direction to Christians and the current conditions. This examination will conclude that church leaders must take proactive steps to communicate biblical truth about the value of each individual without regard to their race, and to influence those they lead by providing loving accountability and consistent messaging of God’s love for all men. It will be presented that racial tensions are significantly impacted by the actions of leaders who assert the value of each person, and their followers to resist devaluing others according to arbitrary measures such as heritage, race, or ...

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...unconsciously be on guard and will be less likely to act generously in welcoming a new person into their community. As described in prior sections, this is a “default” reaction by most humans; however, God has challenged His people to be priests to all the nations. He wishes for His people to be hospitable to the foreigner, to be willing to view others as important, and to set aside their inclinations toward self-interest and vain conceit (Deut 10:19; Phil 2:3).
Pastors must bravely and confidently speak to the need for God’s people to choose to be inclusive to all ethnic groups. The pastor must challenge the societal norms presented by the culture they live within, and fight to encourage God’s people to live as they will in the future when they gather before His throne in heaven (Rev 5:9–10; 7:9; 22:2). All nations will be present as they worship Him together.

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